Deep Breath Life
From “the standpoint of people” we pursue new values that realize better lives, and give people joy and excitement.
We will expand a better life from home to town and society.

Panasonic Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Deputy Managing Director

Ryoichi Takizaki

Owner's needs
Improving living values

Commitment to the quality time at home

Interest in health

Demands for health-conscious housing

Architectural challenges
Manpower problem

Always short of manpower

Quality problem

Variation in quality due to personality

Panasonic lives with nature and society, building a future to prosper together.

In 2021, we collaborate with Siam Steel International Public Company Limited, which provides housing construction that meets the needs of Thailand. And by this we enter the modular building housing business with high added value, specializing in high quality, short construction time, housing equipment / air quality business.

We have developed the advanced technology and know-how on the housing materials, which will contribute to the further development of the Thai housing industry, and will also have a direct impact on the achievement of the SDGs that we are committed as a leading company, coping with dynamic social problems.

In addition, we provide not only houses with the latest housing equipped with safe, secure, healthy and comfortable spaces, but also resident-friendly living environments, such as elderly care rooms and renovations for home nursing in line with the aging issues in Thailand.

Panasonic believes that coexistence and co-prosperity are the reality of both nature and society.

We will continue to create solid values, aiming for the further prosperity of the Thai housing industry.

Time spent at home, becomes more comfortable.
In collaboration with Siam Steel, Panasonic provides ideal housing, that enhances the time spent at home and adapts to health consciousness.
Modular buildings provided by Siam Steel
Products and devices that meet new environmental changes and needs

"DEEP BREATH LIFE" - New life style from Panasonic


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